Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Latest Paintings

A gallery in Idaho called and was interested in seeing if my paintings will do well with their clients. And so I am sending these latest paintings. The train painting is an image I have done already, but trains always seem to do well so I gave it another whirl. Let's hope this gallery will be willing to take me on and represent me. It could never hurt to be represented in another state!

Red Car on Lift / 14" x 12" / oil on wood
Union Pacific 21 / 14" x 12" / oil on wood


Christopher Thornock said...

Congrats! I wonder why you aren't represented in states all over the union. Saw your paintings at the Holiday Show, they looked great, nice little crowd had gathered around them.

Donald Yatomi said...

Chris! How did your show go? Man I wish i could have been at your show! Thanks for always getting me a report, I can never tell if my paintings hung well....I am planning on making it out to SLC this spring though. Hopefully we can hook up for lunch or something?