Friday, August 31, 2007

Thank you, Sony!

Well, today is my last day here at Sony. It's been close to a 7 year run and I believe in my heart that my season is over. I've been contemplating on starting a painting career for a long time and it seems that I am ready to embark on that endeavor. My role at Sony has been a concept artist and so I was responsible for designing environments, characters, vehicles and props for video games. My console experience dates all the way back to the first PlayStation. It was definitely a fun job. However, I must also say that while I was doing my job, painting for galleries was constantly on my mind. I did paint at nights for my current gallery for the last 3 years but that gets exhausting.

The decision had to be made that if I were to ultimately pursue a career in painting, I needed more time to paint. So I resigned. I plan to continue to do concept art on a freelance basis while I try to add more galleries to do paintings for. Thanks to my good buddy Cecil Kim, who originally got me in the video game door way back in 1999. Thanks, Cecil!

Well, I better start painting!