Friday, April 11, 2008

International Artist magazine

So sorry for not posting in a long time! I have been so busy trying to run my new company, Big Lava Chop, Inc. It is a concept art company directly connected to video games. I plan to expand it further out into animation, architectural and industrial visual design. That's my plan, we'll see what the Big Boss in da sky does.

Anyways, the latest is that I got into the latest issue of Internationl Artist magazine:

Also, my wife and I are also planning to drive out to Missoula, Montana because my painting got into the 17th annual OPA juried show. This is exciting as I never got into any juried exhibitions before. Thank you, Eric, for encouraging me to do this. Oh yeah, you too, Terry!

Do I deserve all this? Not at all, I'm just blessed. I have a very supportive wife who also is an artist. She's putting her art endeavors on hold because she is so dedicated in being with our children Kinda neat to see that dedication in her. As for me, trying to balance between the two different industries of art galleries and entertainment design is challenging. At this point, I am far behind in painting but I plan to get back on the canvas real soon. Thanks for reading!