Friday, May 9, 2008

Oil Painter's of America Exhibition

Well, we returned from our Montana trip to attend the Oil Painter's of America exhibition. We drove up to Missoula, Montana, about a 10 hour drive from Bend, Oregon. Overall, it was a great road trip for me and my wife. It was an a opportunity to spend some time away from the kids. as far as the show was concerned, I felt flattered and perplexed at the same time that my painting was selected. While most of the entries were romantic and traditional in nature, my painting stood out as the most unsaturated in nature and subject matter. Here is a shot of my painting amongst beautiful paintings form across the nation. It is the tiny, grey thing next to the white arrow.

I also met some renowned artists and I am glad to have met them, Scott Powers and Joe Iantorno.


Christopher Thornock said...

Way to go! Sometimes those shows feel like candy stands. The tonal nature of your landscapes is a nice reprieve from the flashy red, yellow and blue paintings of everyone else. Whistler made a nice living out of grey!

echoform said...

hi donald,

it seems you have been extremely busy. i hope all is well. please keep posting you wonderful paintings.


Donald Yatomi said...

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by! I'll try to swing by your blogs again too! I promise!

Charles Y. Walls said...


I'd like to thank you for posting pictures from the OPA Exhibition onto your blog. My husband, Charles Young Walls, also had a piece accepted into the show, and it was a great surprise to spot it in one of your pictures! (The still-life with the horse sculpture to the right and below your painting.) Unfortunately, we were not able to make it up to Montana, so your pictures let us experience it a little bit.

I remember when we received the OPA exhibiton catalog in the mail and were flipping through it, we both stopped and exclaimed on your painting. The energy and immediacy of the brushwork makes it a very compelling image, and much more interesting to look at than alot of the more conventional pieces. I think it completely belonged in that show, much more so than some of the others that got in. Keep up the great work! We look forward to possibly sharing another corner with you at next year's show!

Heather Walls, Atlanta GA