Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Upon Mount Ararat

personal project. struggling with this piece. any suggestions?



Jeez..is this oil?
I love it! great color and awesome composition! I think you are done with this one. Reminds me of noar's ark painting you did in school..7th term? big oil container ship..

Donald Yatomi said...

no way.....this is good ol' Photoshop.

O-1! said...

This is beautiful, Donald. I mean, POW! It just tickles me. Of course you know what a sucker I am for drama.
I wish I could see a higher rezz version.

This piece is finished.
So let it be written.
So let it be done.

Donald Yatomi said...

thanks, owen. really appreciate your encouragement!

Terry said...

Ooh la la~ Fantastic, donald! I'd give you suggestions if I thought of any that wouldn't make it worse :-) Awesome work!

Jacob said...

Awesome! Looks finnished to me. If it were my piece (and if some twist of fate I had a small fraction of the skillz you have)I would put Noah at the top of one of them peaks letting loose a dove. small but subtle like. :)