Monday, December 28, 2009

Tabasco 002

I glazed this with a mixture of Winsor & Newton Transparent Red Ochre and Winsor & Newton Transparent Maroon. The glaze almost looked like the sauce itself.

11" x 14 ' / oil on canvasboard / 2009


Christopher Thornock said...

Just as long as you don't put it on your eggs in the morning. Nice one, again. I challenge you to make 50 of these!

Donald Yatomi said...

Greg, I haven't been challenged like that since ACCD! You must be an instructor. OK i can do 50, just give me a few years.

Patrice said...

fabulous little painting... very, very, painterly!!

Donald Yatomi said...

Thank you, Patrice! I used to do Photo-realism in the 80's...I don't think I have the patience anymore for that style!