Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wild Oats 009

This is another one from the batch of paintings I dropped off at my gallery last week. Before they were delivered, however, I took it in to a local photographer to get it documented in digital files and photo slides. And he gave me a compliment on this painting in a form of a question. He asked me, 'What made you want to paint that?' And I was truly flattered. Conventional compliments and kind words are always nice, don't get me wrong. But this question that he asked assured me that my paintings may not be the prettiest, or the best crafted or the best-composed, but it at least does initiate discourse. (72" x 14", oil on canvas)


Christopher Thornock said...

I really like this one! I have always wanted to do grocery store paintings. The meat counter, wow. I will see this one on Thursday at the opening.

Donald Yatomi said...

Thanks, Chris. A compliment from you is gold. Wish I could be there at the opening, but hey I got to see your paintings before the were hung up so I'm happy. They were all so stunning. I really like your new sizes: BIG! Let me know how the opening went!


that's right! why did you wanted to paint that? what was your answer??

Awesome stuff..