Monday, May 7, 2007

Lumberjack Chop Chop

here is the before and after photos of the paintings that i chopped off. i really felt like there was too much sky. other artists like Ray Turner can pull off a good composition with a lot of sky, but not me.


terry miura said...

haha! how many teeth do you have on your table saw blade? do you use a special precision blade or somethin?

Donald Yatomi said...

36. nothing precision, i'm just using the all-purpose blade that came with the table saw. yeah, using that thing brings back old memories of being in that woodshop at Art Center. kinda scary....incidents of students shaving a piece of their fingertip off, large blocks of wood flying across the room from getting kicked back....i don't miss Art Center at all.

william wray said...

I've been working on skis myself funny how the trains are easier to paint.